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CPUC Takes Action Against Illegally Operating Passenger Carriers and Moving Companies

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The CPUC took the following enforcement actions against illegally operating passenger carriers and moving companies in the 4th quarter of 2014:

1) CPUC Investigations Result in Enforcement Actions and Fines Imposed on Various Moving Companies - 4th Quarter 2014

2) CPUC Investigations Result in Enforcement Actions and Fines Imposed on Various Limousines, Shuttles, and Bus Companies - 4th Quarter 2014

3) CPUC Joins with Law Enforcement on Strike Team to Enforce Safety Compliance of Passenger Carriers at Major Airports and Other Areas of Interest - 4th Quarter 2014

CPUC Continues Investigation of PG&E Pipeline Explosion in Fresno to Determine Cause of Pipeline Failure

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The CPUC is investigating last Friday’s (April 17, 2015) PG&E pipeline explosion in Fresno. Upon learing of the explosion on Friday the CPUC immediately sent a team to Fresno to determine the cause of the explosion and whether there were any violations of State or Federal law by PG&E.  

While the in-depth analysis that is being performed by the CPUC’s Safety and Enforcement Division will take some time to complete, the CPUC will work as expeditiously as possible, with assistance from the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. 

During the course of the investigation the CPUC will determine the physical cause of the pipeline rupture and explosion, validate if there was an active 811 call-before-you-dig ticket, verify the accuracy of utility maps and other records, assess PG&E’s emergency response performance, and evaluate any factors contributing to the incident. Safety and Enforcement Division staff will also monitor PG&E’s repair activities on the damaged pipeline to ensure that it is fully repaired before it is brought back into service.

From initial information, it appears that there was a Fresno County employee performing work in the vicinity of a pipeline and that there was no active 811 call-before-you-dig ticket. The CPUC’s investigation will determine whether this was the primary cause of the explosion. 

The CPUC reminds everyone - whether you are a contractor replacing grass with drought-resistant plants, or are planting a tree in your backyard - to call 811 before you dig to have your underground facilities marked. Read more about 811:

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